Sunday, 31 October 2010


LowMaster is a cross of Master Kush (Dutch Passion) crossed with Lowryder (Joint Doctor), inbred repeatedly untill the master kush had turned auto. This cross is sure to satisfy, as you will notice a strong Kush presence, with the plant 100% auto-flowering. You will also see lots of resin production, plants will finish with medium height, and yield. Seed to harvest: 9 to10 weeks THC level: Strong 15-20% Yield per plant: 40 grams upto 50(in ideal conditions)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Brazilian Pineapple-Dutchbreed

outdoor-indoor Brazilian Pineapple produces relatively smooth smoke, exotic pineapple flavour, and a strong physical up high, Brazilian Pineapple was created from a wild brazilian strain crossed with a dutch skunk giving shorter flowering times and a sweet taste, Brazilian Pineapple is high in thc with nice sticky budds, Good for green house growing mainly sativa. Flowering Weeks: 7/8 THC level: Strong 18-23% Yield per plant: 300 grams upto 500 outside (in ideal conditions)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


auto regular LowBerry is a FULL AUTO flowering blueberry exclusive to Dutchbreed, LowBerry is a cross of Dutch passion blueberry mother and a Joint Doctor lowryder male then inbred, gives the best of both smelling more blueberry than the original and full auto flowering can be grown under 24 hours continuous light stays short like LR2 and Masterlow bigger than LR1. Seed to harvest: 9 to 10 weeks THC level: Strong 17-23% Yield per plant: 30 grams upto 50 (in ideal conditions)

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Little Red Ryder Hood-Dutchbreed-auto

autoflowering Little Red Ryder Hood is a full auto flowering red skunk hair exclusive to Dutchbreed, we took a lowryder male and crossed it with a old school skunk red hair then inbred them until we got auto flowering strains, Little Red Ryder Hood is ideal for stealth growing as it has very little odor wile growing only smelling strong when touched or pulled apart, very nice heavy old school stone with the giggles. Seed to harvest: 9 to 10 weeks THC level: Strong 16-22% Yield per plant: 30 grams upto 50(in ideal conditions)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

new seed bank in our list Dutch Breed

Dutch breed provides high quality cannabis seeds. Dutchbreed is a collective of the very best breeders from all the best seedbanks in the netherlands . Our breeders have kept the best genetics to be able to bring you the very best quality of cannabis seeds that technology can bring full of flavor, high in THC and good germination rate. All our cannabis seeds are imported fresh from our breeders in Holland or Switzerland to our distributor in the UK then stored in hermetically sealed bags in a temperature controlled environment.
you can find regular seeds at
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